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Middle earth - Shadow of Mordor [Elektronisk resurs]
Utgivningsår: cop. 2014
Språk: Engelska
Medietyp: Spel
TV-spel Xbox One
Avsett för 1 spelare
PEGI: 18
Systemkrav: Xbox One
Omfång: 1 DVD-ROM (Xbox One) ljud, färg
Antal reservationer: 0
While many previous games set in Middle-earth have revolved around the major events or characters depicted in Tolkien's books, Shadow of Mordor offers a new chapter that fits comfortably between The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings. Players control a lone ranger by the name of Talion as he journeys deep into the heart of Mordor in the days before it transforms into a blasted hellscape. Along the way, developer Monolith is exploring a fascinating next-gen approach to enemies, encounters, and storytelling, one in which every player shapes their own story through the choices they make. The Nemesis System assures that every enemy you fight is a named foe, and if they survive their battle with you, they continue to grow, improve, and act in the world, even as you attempt to do the same with Talion. Our cover story recounts our extensive look at the game in action, from combat and leveling to story and setting. [ForlagEtt]

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